As neighborhoods change and new homes replace old, architectural tastes also change.

Many architects and new home builders are no longer primarily concerned with creating a home which fits in with the existing homes in the area.  Back when the “style” of the area established,  the school of thought was to fit the house into the environment with the interior  showcasing the owners’ style and taste. This is no longer the case.


These homes are across the street from each other.


Today’s modern homes have more flat roofs than peaked, and use a variety of exterior finishes.  But the presentation doesn’t stop at the four walls.  The landscaping doesn’t just accentuate the view from the windows.  Installation art, along with expanding patios and garden areas, allow for more interaction with the outdoors than just admiring it.

These new homes are also directly across the street from each other.









So when designing your new mountain dream home, don’t confine your ideas strictly to “mountain classic”.  Whatever your style and preference, there is space for you to create it.

(That’s not to say there aren’t construction guidelines and covenants which differ in each area.  And of course, please be aware of any neighborhood regulations before getting your heart set on the dream design of your new home.)