So far in 2018, 10 homes with pricetags between $10.5 million and $25 million have been put under contract.

In new construction, sleek modernity is the trend. Clean lines, white walls, with accents in glass and steel are predominant.  The lone exception to this is nestled in Wood Creek, known more for sprawling ranches than modern architecture.



No longer relegated to an awkward windowless space, the home office has taken on the ambiance and elegance of the high rise corner office.  As working remotely has become more common – whether at home or on vacation – the spaces in which we choose to work have likewise made the adjustments.





If the kitchen is the heart of the house, the mechanical room is the brain.  With the increasingly high tech, high efficiency systems, these spaces have become more like a computer lab than boiler room.  The digital audio/visual systems, complex lighting controls, and extensive wifi capabilities require ease of access and more ventillation of their own than in homes of decades past.