The Newest Team of Olympians

For such a small valley, we certainly cultivate more than our fair share of world-class athletes.  Heading to South Korea to compete are halfpipe skiers Torin Yater-Wallace and Alex Ferreira, alpine skiers Wiley Maple and Alice McKennis, and cross-country skiers Simi Hamilton and Noah Hoffman.  Current coaches include Chris Davenport and, coaching the South Korean half-pipe – Peter Olenick.


Living up to the Legacy

From recent Olympians such as Chris Klug, Gretchen Bleiler, Jason Smith and Jeremy Abbott to towering names from our history – Andy Mill, Craig Ward, John Callahan, Dick Durrance, Steve Knowlton, Andrea Mead Lawrence, Max and Bill Marolt, Vladimir Peter “Spider” Sabich Jr., Andy Mill, Mike Farney, Beth Madsen, Casey Puckett, Monique Pelletier, coach Bob Beattie, Gretl and Sepp Uhl -there is good reason that Aspen is known for its outdoor fanatacism.


And so, while you are out and about in Aspen for the next couple of weeks, expect all available televisions to be tuned into every Olympic competition possible.  We do love our Olympics and our Olympians.